Play AI Lockdown on RECON 2021

AI Lockdown

AI Lockdown is a virtual team building game that can be played online from anywhere in the world. The game is played in teams, fully online at a provided link, while using any video conferencing tool for communication. The game is set in a high-end corporate office setting, taking players through all the different departments of your company as they attempt to shut down a rogue artificial intelligence which has taken control of the entire building. A group plays together on Zoom (or any other communication app), with each team in a breakout room.

Ideal for companies of all sizes
4 players in each team
Unlimited number of teams
Gameplay takes place in a corporate office environment
The game’s interior spaces can be branded with your company logo
Click, connect and solve puzzles and challenges to advance
Requires effective communication and teamwork
Hints available
60, 40 or 30 minute versions

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